What to do when your application requires processing huge amounts of data and quickly make decisions? Execution Company is actively working in this area. Innovative developments Execution in Big Data and machine learning have been successfully used in corporate systems the largest Russian companies. Within the framework of the provision of services in a large amount of information, the company offers Execution:

  • Construction of NoSQL data model
  • Processing and analysis of large datasets
  • Multifactor predictive analytics


  1. Design and optimization of analytical models for the retail, warehouse management, production.
  2. Construction of infrastructure for working with large data based on
    1. opensource technologies – Hadoop, MongoDB, Redis, etc.
    2. AlapyDB
    3. SAP HANA
    4. Teradata Aster
  3. Deployment infrastructure for working with big data in the cloud
    1. Amazon Web Services
    2. Hana Cloud Platform
    3. Microsoft Azure
    4. Aliyun
  4. Building online reporting system on the basis of
    1. Qlik View
    2. Tableau
    3. SAP Business Objects
    4. opensource technologies stack


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