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5 times increases the share of the promo in the retail turnover

Planning Promotions in retail chains is a collective, time-consuming and creative process. In order to plan a promotion for a large network, it is necessary that more than a dozen people worked on it. Therefore, the task of increasing the share of promos in the retail turnover is well solved through the introduction of an automated end-to-end process of managing promos.

Execution Promo Platform – is an automated environment with a single multi-user interface that embodies the best practices for managing promotions for large retail chains.

The solution allows you to increase the filling of the action by 5 times, while reducing the planning time by 3 times or more.

The solution is adapted for networks in which:

More than 20 people

Planning a promotion in retail chains

3000 SKU and more

The number of SKUs in the assortment matrix

Over 500 SKU

Desired assortment of promotional items

From 100,000 sq. m

The total sales area of all stores in the network

Functional feature


  • Unified Automated Web Interface
  • Simultaneous work of 1000 and more users
  • Multi-level differentiation of powers
  • Configuring Branched Negotiation Processes
  • Deep integration in logistics and financial processes
  • Reduce errors with automatic checks.

















Benefits of implementation

  • Possibility of a fivefold increase in the volume of promotions
  • Three times or less time to prepare stocks
  • Accelerated training of new users through the rapid development of a formalized and understandable process
  • Increased user focus on business functions by increasing process confidence

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