Charge Cart – Development of company Execution for retail business, which increases customer loyalty, the time they are in the store and provides to management in online mode accurate analytics of customer behavior of buyers in a trading hall.



The battery life of the modern phone is low. Most people don’t check the level of charge phone.

Stationary Chargers usually don’t allow you to charge your phone in the store. Our design allows you to make purchases and at the same time charge your means of communication.

In-store buyer spends an average of 40 minutes. This is enough time to charge your gadget quickly so you can always stay connected.

Charge Cart – is a generic charger for mobile devices that are installed on the store’s cart handle.


  • Increases customer loyalty;
  • Increase the number of purchases at the expense of choice carts instead of the recycle bin;
  • Increase time spent of a buyer in the store at 21%;
  • Get essential analytic on customer behavior in the hall.


How does it work?

  • The charger is mounted on a cart;
  • The buyer takes the cart, puts the gadget on the charge, thus longer in the store;
  • CHARGE CART the device is equipped with a module for determining the exact location of shopping carts in the store. The customer movement data is transmitted over WiFi to the server, prepared and stored for further analysis of the tracks;
  • The accumulated statistic is used for merchandising, assortment and other analytics.

Additional bonuses:

  • Protection against theft;
  • Targeted advertising.


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