Store Online Supervisor

Innovative solution for the Execution of retail chains. It increases the profitability of the retail network in real-time by automating the daily management of each online store.

Using Store Online Supervisor in their business, retailers are able to:

  • Monitor key performance indicators for the shops:

1.Marketability of goods and commodity laying open

2.The effectiveness of line staff

3.Utilization of funds and the performance of cashiers

  • Receive prompt feedback on the situation in the stores and shops to conduct control in the automatic mode in real time.
  • Track tasks, and generate reports on the problems arising and solved.
  • Accurately predict the need for personnel.

Implementation benefits

  • Reduced personnel costs by 5-15%
  • Increasing the daily revenue of each store in the 1-6%
  • Reducing the load on the operating manager for 20 hours a month

Contact us to calculate the economic impact of the implementation of Store Online Supervisor in the stores of your network.


  • It gathers and analyzes information from all stores, automatically identifying problematic situations.
  • Plans and predicts the optimum staffing requirement.
  • Monitors and predicts the lack of goods on the shelves.
  • It identifies the occurrence of bursts.


At this level, the system signals the problematic developments (current and future) in the store and automatically assigns tasks to employees linear

On the same level to monitor the implementation of tasks and return to the normal performance of each store network.


At this stage, the interaction of the system with the administrative staff: store manager, supervisor/manager and regional manager/operations manager.

Interaction with the user is carried out through a system of intuitive dashboards.