Development of CIMS based on SAP ERP

Project task:

  • Automation of business processes related to commission transactions
  • Automation of production planning
  • Automation of the quality control process

Work performed:

  • Finalization of the accounting and development of a set of reports on triangular transactions involving agent/commission.
  • Develop a subsystem for the control, accounting, and dynamic creation of a quality certificate for a pipe produce based on custom form settings, data on testing and verification of the party signs the party and MMR(material master records).
  • Develop production accounting interfaces.

Project results:

  • As a result of the development and automation of business processes related to commission transactions, production planning and quality control, the time required to generate the necessary business reports has been significantly reduced.
  • The number of inaccuracies and errors in the accounting of relevant operations has been reduced.
  • As a result, processes have become more transparent and readily measurable.